Monday, 7 November 2011

Lloyd Pye & Regents Professor John Horner Palaeontology

The second video of Lloyd Pye is my upload and is roaring up the charts on my Youtube video list. This tells me that people are beginning to question the archaeological doctrine of the day. Lloyd Pye was also interviewed by Red Ice Radio last week and I've posted it first as it's the latest information. It's excellent. 

Thinking about this subject I noticed Professor Regent of Palaeontology John R. Horner was interviewed by Wired and I watched it fully prepared to dismiss another stuffy academic but actually the guy is not a stiff and has good questions, bold ideas and the kind of humility that science rarely articulates. Instead we're by and large lumbered with an arrogant science that pretends it's never wrong when the whole purpose is to attack it with a new idea that is stronger. Real science is a journey not a destination. 

Couple this vain dogma with tenure-seeking, back-scratching peer-review crusties and we're intellectually dominated by spineless old white men when it comes to understanding our history, conceiving the present and directing the future. Jack Horner is not one of those men.