Saturday, 1 October 2011

Perfidious European Networks


It would be confusing if I didn't clarify the topic of Europe. I've always given my support to the E.U going back to the E.E.C and even further as the Treaty of Rome always struck me as a sensible way to integrate trade ties and avoid the carnage of war that was inflicted on Europe twice in the last century. 

I say inflicted as the Prescott Bush Bank through loans to I.G. Farben pretty much single handedly rebuilt Germany after the second world war and were very happy to let Adolf Hitler get the credit. They were going to both survive the next orchestrated war very profitably which they did, and both the Bush dynasty is still here as are the profit dynamos of I.G. Farben; Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and Agfa.

However I used to believe that the intentions of the E.U. were if overly bureaucratic at the very least honourable. They're not. It's run by the same clique of BilderbergersCommittee of 300, Trilateral Commission, European Council Foreign Relations string pullers that have a choke hold on government with most members who aren't members of these elite groups completely unaware. And so I give my support fully to Nigel Farrage  in this splendid video above who is a European Parliament superstar along the lines of do-it-yourself punk rock insurrection.

I just thought I'd articulate that as many of you know I'm a committed European (and planetary being) and would be tomorrow if the institutions weren't rotting at the head like a fish. Indeed I remain convinced of the urgent need for a planet-wide wise-council of men and women and some variation of Athenian democracy. But again the global institutions we have are rotten to the core. Psychopaths in expensive suits. So I hope that helps clarify things. I wouldn't want people to be unclear and under the false impression I'm changing my opinion as a weather vain blows in the wind.