Saturday, 1 October 2011

If Ron Paul Came Close To Winning They'd Have To Kill Him

I like Ron Paul very much. His integrity is without blemish even though I don't think his economic libertarianism is as robust as he thinks. It's been a reality check to see how the corporate media portrays him as unhinged and to see that sentiment parroted in political forums by people who suck on the plasma screen rays and corn syrup juice, day in and day out. Frightening their reality has been spoon fed to these people. They are no longer able to distinguish right from wrong.

However I have one question for him. What makes you think you can break the central banking, perpetual war model without getting shot? 

As an aside he's close friends with Dr Jack Pruett who I've blogged about for his book on the Annunaki - The Grandest Deception. It's inconceivable to me that Ron Paul doesn't know his former colleagues belief that we're being manipulated by off world groups stretching back to ancient Sumeria and before. Radical I know but the evidence is set in stone (or rather those cuneiform clay tablets that are the oldest writings known to man).

So far the elite groups who choose the next President have used the ridicule curtain to keep the U.S. from taking Ron Paul seriously but if that doesn't work the game can only get nasty. Watch the video and tell me what you think of him.