Sunday 2 October 2011

William Henry & Fruit Loop Stargates

One of the issues I've encountered with alternative view points is that the most   reliable information is held by groups who are funded by taxpayers and yet are able to inflict vast resources of disinformation. This divides the community of people who research subjects that are open to ridicule. We are de facto especially sensitive to the disinformation process. 

I think it's good that alternative researchers should acquire a tough rhino skin and/or subject their thinking to the rigour of reason but not under circumstances ridicule. It's uneccessary.

Which is why I urge William Henry and his ascension aspirations to refrain from the kind of calumny that demands people to scrutinze his own fruit vortex claims that Stargates and Light Beings exist. It would be so easy to crank up the Google juice so that he's forever associated with issues that currently provide no proof. 

Which begs the question. Is he making it all up to pay for the Egyptian linen bedding?

I think William is a solid researcher but if he wishes to rely on low vibratory calumny to make that point than go ahead, knock yourself out. 

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