Saturday, 6 August 2011

James Horak On The Hundredth Monkey

I have a general rule of thumb that former employees of the armed services or CIA who provide inside information of a quality nature are not to be trusted. I know of one victim of MKULTRA who is a walking encyclopaedia of human and non human interaction and yet his foreign policy analysis is self evidently either disinformation or he's still under mind control.

James Horak is ex US Navy and in the last year or so has been talking about new information that is only liable to earn him ridicule from the uninformed. That alone is worth factoring in, on top of his sober manner which is convincing. I don't waste so much time now on the nature of what's the next level above the ancient elite bloodlines who have managed the drama throughout the centuries. I suspect all power structures are dissolving and so while this is interview is about elite venality, and it's by an ex military employee presumably drawing a pension I'm still posting it because you can make your own mind up and his analysis is rarely less than compelling.

However his EMV (Electromagnetic vehicle) discussions and off world connections is James' specialist subject. You can check into those through the James Horak tag below.