Saturday, 6 August 2011

Covert Encounters In Washington D.C.


I blogged Robert M. Stanley's interview a couple of days ago by Alfred Le Webre. In the interview above he outlines the evidence in his new book that covert encounters are taking place in Washington D.C. between some politicians and E.T.

This fact that isn't so far fetched when one learns that Capitol Hill is the Grand Central Station of UFO activity on the planet with plenty of recorded photographic evidence and witness testimony.

Could it be that the heart of democracy is locked down by agendas that are on and off planet? I think the evidence is in every newspaper over the last week or so with the political stalemate over debt reduction. I refuse to believe that men are so selfish they would jeopardise the future security and living of this planet without injecting the likelihood of off world agendas into the mix. Indeed the evidence is robust.