Monday, 27 June 2011

Shilling Or Spilling? Alex Jones On The DMT Experience

While the waters of the Missouri river continue to rise and breach the walls of American nuclear plants, Alex Jones chooses to ignore the dangers facing America and stab his friend Joe Rogan in the front with an hyperventilated rant about DMT, a subject he has zero experience of. Jones neglects to mention that the human body naturally produces the substance and is a sacred part of our dream state that the govcorp security-plex elites have tried to suffocate with fluoride, poison TV, coffee, sugar and alcohol as well as aspartame and xyletol not forgetting junk food, obesity and ill health through overwork from wage slavery. There's more but you get the picture.

It's a rant against a natural part of the brain's neuro-chemistry. It is found in plants and animals all over the world and is currently releasing the minds of young conciousness exploring Americans in their thousands who are travelling to the jungles of South America bringing back stories of intellectual and metaphysical emancipation from the slavery of consumerist materialism.

Terence McKenna will be doing an Irish jig in his grave watching Alex explode frothily over the subject

Actually, watching this clip again it's possible his rant is so over the top he has to be thumbing his nose to his corporate masters and deliberately invoking interest for thousands more people who will be attracted to exploring their divine right to use sacred medicines that are thousands of years older than TV and Prozac. Click below on the DMT, Ayahuasca and Psilocybin tags for my extensive writings on the subject. 

Great care with set and setting must be taken though. These experiences are about spiritual enlightenment and as with all journeys of this nature are neither trivial or about being entertained to death. Caution and respect for your body, must be welded to spiritual deference of the most liberating experiences from the entrapment of the relentlessness of superficial materialism.  It's important to do as much research as possible from reputable sources such as Erowid. There's a huge difference between the relatively swift 15 minute DMT experience which is smoked, and the multiple hour long Ayahuasca or Psilocybin mushrooms that are ingested. The reward are the intellectual riches that will detach you from the machine-treadmill of lust for death.

Happy birthday from me to you then, but do your homework first. Thanks for the free PR Alex. Now how about that Missouri river?