Monday, 27 June 2011

Men In Black

I had no idea I knew so little about the subject of Men In Black. I saw the movie a few years back and yet was still unaware it is a well documented phenomenon. This interview of Nick Redfern by George Noory of Coast To Coast AM is another great example of listening to one of the most polished professionals on radio. 

I don't agree with everything George does like the quip about waterboarding in this interview which seems to diminish the immorality. I also feel uncomfortable with endless Memorial Day cliches about support our troops when so little media support for peace and keeping the troops out of death, dismemberment and slaughter exists.

Media refuse to make that kind of statement when the call for war hits up a drum beat. Instead like Pentagon fevered automatons, everyone clasps a hand over their heart in preparation for mourning dead soldiers as if never making the connection. 

Nevertheless George is one of the most knowledgeable interviewers on the planet and brilliant at playing slightly naive for great answers from subjects that he often knows in any case. He's a complete professional in the humane and interesting sense of the word professional, and he seems to drop hints when interviewing subjects that appear to have been foisted on the station. Like that last Andrew Bassagio for example.

Men In Black is a fascinating subject and one of the few that for me, really is a inexplicably spooky given the authentic testimony of the people who have had a tap on the door or a menacing smile from a parked car by a man, or men in black. It's well worth listening to, and if I get my memory back I'll point towards another interview that highlights the medieval presence of these mysterious characters during the bubonic plague and who were seen spraying 'mists' just before the latest village, town and city outbreaks. A little like our SARS and Avian Flu stories maybe?