Monday, 27 June 2011

Randy Maugan Interviews Dr Andrew Silverman

Another terrific Randy Maugan interview with Dr. Andrew Silverman. Andrew caught my attention back here and I keep an eye out for his appearances. He is increasingly teasing apart quantum mechanics, the great designer, big bang and the single most important subject to understand as we accelerate to an event horizon of unity conciousness. 

If that sounds complicated it isn't. 

All the great faiths have articulated the simple truth of love as we wish to be loved. Separateness is an illusion. We simply parted on an individuated conciousness level right at the end of a process that started out with all matter in the universe condensed into an object less than the size of a pea. One second to midnight we forgot who we were, and momentarily before the second hand ticks over we're going to remember who and how awesome we are. 

It's just science. 

A bit like that nano second flash of sun like temperatures that left the mark of a crucified man on the Turin Shroud which a few years ago, mistakenly carbon dated to the middle ages. It isn't. It's a couple of thousand years old. Listen to the interview for the full details.