Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rich Men Dream of Electric Sheep

Most people, even university educated degree holders can't explain why Europe went to war in 1914. They might remember it was Archduke Ferdinand's assassination, but they could tell you nothing of who and why that assassination was planned. 

The Second World War was an extension of the first (Taleb - Black Swan). Hitler was originally a military spy who infiltrated the proto Nazi group and reported back to his superiors that there were only a handful of them but that his superiors would like them. Time and time again secretive elites plan war. That's how the top tier private banks make money through lending to both sides, who are willing to pay anything for their very survival. If you haven't understood that yet you're a sheep and there's only one thing better than a sheep. 

An electric sheep controlled by joystick.

I applaud Switzerland for producing Dominque Baettig. At least one mainstream political leader has the stones to go up against the Bilderberg Group who are  meeting in secret session, in his country and like their blessing of approval for Tony Blair in the 90's, are mapping out the  future through arch weasels like Kissinger, Mandelson, George Osborne, owner of Publicis group Maurice Levy and wealthy European Royalty. 

Sunlight is the best disinfectant and if you haven't learned that from our collective history of senseless but manipulated war or recent WIkileaks your intellectual atrophy is self evident only from the outside.