Sunday, 12 June 2011

Michael Tellinger - Revelations & Transparency

I have listened to all these Michael Tellinger clips before, and they've been just as rewarding to listen to the second time round when posting. Michael hits the nail on the head again in this video clip. There's a lot of people who are unable to speak up for themselves. It's probably the poisoned water, poisoned food, poisoned radio waves and working in a cubicle like a battery chicken with a mortgage millstone around the necks that stymies any challenge to the status quo, as well as explaining the silent, play it safe, discretion is the better part of cowardice mindset.

But here's the flip side and it's a good one. If you have a spark of courage I find the world is increasingly able to listen to a wider range of viewpoints and deal with a greater depth of transparency. There are so many subjects I've written about here over the last few months that would have been tarnished as bonkers ten years ago and yet I've had an overwhelmingly receptive response (and just a handful of death threats). It's been most refreshing and a key learning, even if there's disagreement with my conclusions.

This is quite surprising, given I'm at the intense end of the research spectrum that could be described as 'may you live in interesting times' analysis of current events. So few have tried to be insulting, and privately I've found every single one you able to listen to quite uncomfortable versions of reality without flipping out if it's one on one.

Is there's an emerging sense of compound revelation coalescing? It's starting to get that biblical feel on occasions if I can invoke that sentiment without being tarnished with useless hierarchical religious associations. 

However, I put it to you that there's lots of interesting prophecy in ancient texts from the Baghavad Gitathe Mayans and the Bible. I care not where I scour for good information. I feel just as comfortable quoting The new scientist, a channeller, ancient religious texts, poets, philosophers and bloggers. 

The more ground I cover the more easily I see that the only people who aren't waking up, are those who don't want to be awake. They seem alive, but are spiritual zombies clinging on to old information that keeps their world as static as possible. Well that's not the way the Universe works. They can only learn that revelatory truth when it finally falls apart. I imagine it will be dramatic.