Sunday 12 June 2011

British Questions About NASA Moon Landings

The first time I heard about the hoax moon landings I thought don't be ridiculous. I've only given it a day's research now, and had to walk away from it because both sides put forward a pretty good case for fake pictures or explanations for photographic anomalies in an inhospitable environment. Also it get's complicated as some of it may be true and some of it may be illusion for political reasons as those who believe Kubrick was hired by NASA to film the moon landings after his 2001 space oddysey success. I'm going to walk away from this discussion but if it get's you questioning the processed cheese reality of mainstream media that's a good thing but good luck with coming to a conclusion.

The real dark side of the moon is that all the evidence suggests it was put in place and is therefore some sort of artificial satellite. It's size, orbit, position, gravity and density are just too weird for anybody too explain.