Sunday, 26 June 2011

Do Crop Circles Make You Gay?

I've been slightly wrong about the crop circle story. I thought all complex patterns were non human, but that isn't the case as we learn from this four hour discourse between Colin Andrews and Matthew Williams. However, despite the somewhat laborious explanation, most complex crop patterns are not made by men after a few pints down the pub. In this interview there's some golden discoveries by doing the research and wading through the information. It is an essential chunk of homework.

Somewhat humorously Williams makes the parallel that in the Facebook age of photo sharing (crop circles or people), secrets are impossible and relationships break up. On the upside he quips, you might be going home with someone unexpected. Both parties then discussed broken marriages from the crop circle making/researching phenomenon and the notion that one might be returning home with a member of the same sex. The irony of this imagery is almost, but not completely lost on these two men having a four hour conversation about their obsession.

Williams and Andrews have both been affected by the crop circle phenomenon on a spiritual level. The interaction of the mystery on a multi dimensional/paranormal level is impossible to ignore. Both men irrespective of their motivations concur that there is a direction and purpose to non man-made crop geometry that has profound implications for the future of humanity and that interaction of an unexpected nature has taken a place.

However they are also hindered by the myopia of specialisation. My generalist view of the metaphysical points towards a more malignant involvement of the Department of Defence, Royal Family and Rothschilds who take a huge interest in the subject of UFO's and Crop Circles because the very maintenance of the lie they propagate depends on it. 

These two researchers are somewhat ill equipped for sharing a wider and more aggressive commentary. For example their humoured ribbing of Nick Pope diminishes his activity as a shill who is shackled by a governments department through a defence pension to be the spineless disinformation agent he currently is. These guys do nobody any favours by not connecting the dots of the royalty, defence and banking families that swoop carnivorously on their vegetarian field pursuits. They are possibly a little out of their depth on issues other than the distinctions of human or non human made crop geometry. However I do appreciate the incidental information I gleaned from this Youtube as it nails a few more familiar lizards to the wall. It's a bad time to have a dragon on the family shield.