Tuesday 28 June 2011

John Lamb Lash - Planetary Tantra - Sophia, Melchizedek & The Archons

John Lash delves into the subject of the Archons towards the end suggesting we focus our dissatisfaction with negative planetary dynamics on the figure of Melchizedek as seen on the left statue holding a cup at Chartres Cathedral. He is the icon of the opposition working against humanity. The discussion prior to that is spell binding too including Shamanic discourses of Sophia sessions through the inner female voice. 

The number of Skype or telephone call interviews that are cut off or interrupted when discussion of information that hasn't seen the light of day in a broad and easy to access way for centuries is extraordinary. I'd say somewhere in the region of 80%. It's like an in joke these days and almost the definition of an interview with important information surfacing and worth paying attention to.