Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dimitri Khalezov - 911 Staged Emotions of New York

During the 911 attacks I was staying on Sathorn Road in Bangkok while the intended Chao Praya apartment was being refurbished after it burned down hours after we had moved all the expensive stuff in including the audiophile equipment. The landlord of the burned apartment and replacement one we were staying in, was a nasty piece of work with an unusual knife scar down his cheek. We half assumed there was an insurance angle to the fire which mysteriously broke out one floor above the European Union's ambassador. My friend went downstairs to dine with the landlord (who kept a pet giant Iguana in reception grounds) while during the that evening, I watched the second plane crash into the Twin Towers with what I thought was a live feed.

I called the landlord downstairs on his mobile as that was the only way to contact my friend to tell him the news, and he returned within 15 mintues to watch the drama unfold while trying to call his father who had an office in the World Trade Centre.

Later on he told me that he was dining with our landlord and a couple of unexpected Mossad Agents guests downstairs, and that their phones had gone off like crazy just as I had called. He said they seemed like they were expecting it. I didn't think too much about that until I later learned of the Israelis who were arrested in New Jersey,  jumping for joy while observing the twin towers go down. They spent a while in custody before being released and shipped home. During those volatile times the Israeli PM chose the distraction to trespass the Al Aqsa mosque and provoke riots.

This interview with Dimitri Khalezov is a must listen for the 911 aficionado. I really don't care who did it now, as I know who made the most money and misery out of it and how people now blindly swallow security messages they are instructed to. The cost of it in other words.

However listening to this interview last night I may well have been sitting upstairs from the perpetrator who Dimitri maintains was Mike Harari working with Masonic and French groups. A bit like the character of Avner in Spielberg's Munich. I am sceptical about any Russian spy spilling the beans on an Israeli spy but Dimitri Khalezov's version of 911 is most compelling for some very weird details. I don't expect you to resonate the same way as I did, but the interview is there if your curiosity is tweaked. I don't quite believe him but I don't fully disbelieve him either. The nuclear bomb idea doesn't wash with me though. The towers didn't explode into space.