Sunday, 26 June 2011

James Horak - Interviewed By Carlita Montross (Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe)

Jame's Horak's most helpful contribution towards the topic of UFOology is (for me) the clear distinction between Extra Terrestrials and Extra Biological Entities. The latter are most widely known as the Greys and are according to James, non fully-sentient biomechanicals designed by a highly advanced civilisation to explore deep space since over 350,000 years ago. Below is a mummified picture of one taken in 1973 from a private South American museum that conveniently burned down by the time it was next visited.

I've been going through his blog earlier today and even though I followed the chronological posting order from the beginning it is still often confusing for someone like myself who doesn't frequent bulletin boards. My line of inquiry on the topic is largely audio and Youtube video interviews.