Friday, 20 May 2011


Yesterday along Sukhumvit I was interrupted by the sounds of pickup trucks in procession  tooting their horns. I was interrupted from my thoughts by the music and dancing in the back with smiles and large clapping foam hands. 

I realised it was a year ago that the massacre took place. Once they had passed, I started crying because I hadn't heard that cheerful sound in Bangkok since the rallies of last year took place, and because those same people had their friends and relatives mown down by Royal Thai Army sniper shots to the head.

Yet still they return from the provinces of Isaan demanding reform, with the same heart and infectious joy that is impossible not to love. I cried a few minutes, wiped my tears and then went about my business. It was good to see you again. 

I want you to know the gap is closing. Time is on our side.