Friday 20 May 2011

Kate Moss Blows Terry Richardson

I was going to lambaste Terry's commercial for Mango because it's such a stinky turkey that I'd rather nibble on septic verrucas than plug it, but I really like the guy and check out every single shot he uploads on his blog, so I'm going to let it slide with a question. Were they having a laugh on Mango's tab in Paris? - It had that French Connection piss-take vibe going for it. 

In the video above, Terry talks about the snapshot and why energy is more important than getting the lighting right. I also defended Terry recently on Vigilant Citizen about him being the official photographer for Monarch Mind Control because to my mind a man doesn't get his cock out on camera for the Illuminati or smoke joints with his mother. The cabal don't smoke ganja as it makes them dizzy though they do serve up a lot of Monarch butterflies to the young and impressionable.

Update: Looks like I got Terry wrong. More likely he is an Illuminati rent boy.