Tuesday 17 May 2011

A Car That Runs On Water

H2O power isn't even new. It's just been suppressed going way back if you care to do some research and that is why Stan Meyers in the first clip above, thought he was solving an energy problem but was actually creating one for the govcorp complex. He was murdered for his trouble. 

Stan's not the only one (the first action is to buy out the technology) and so even though new Youtube clips on the topic are often taken down immediately, they are often usually from other countries than the U.S. 

That's beginning to change. More and more information is flooding the net and the trickle of information is turning into a steady stream. 

Why doesn't your news channel report this? 

Because they're owned by the people like General Electric who have most to lose from free energy. That's serious business and it's simply naive and evidence of insufficient homework done on the subject if you believe anything else. The genius of capitalism is it always had the most money to tell you what to think. Obvious really.