Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bernard Henri Levi Sides With Rapist


The Daily Beast continues its establishment mind-control media programming. First by hiring France's vain peacock intellectual Bernard Henri-Levy to write a smear piece. It starts with an assertion of 'nobody knows' the true facts (apart from a small event of cops arresting a man they usually wouldn't mess about with), and then goes on to introduce a slew of disinformation such as the most watched man on the planet (who has a massive record of sexual predatory behaviour) couldn't possibly have raped a hotel room maid.

He actually loses the plot over conspiracy accusations (God that feels so good when the boot is on the other foot) elaborating on theories that the hotel room number of DKS is the same as the date of the socialist elections in France. Between you and I that's actually how it works with the occultist elite as they are obsessed with number, ritual symbolism; but as this a room of snakes biting each other I'll just sit back and enjoy the show on this one.

Bottom line is we don't know the full story. Sure (as I've written before) the maid could have been bait but the man likes to pounce on women and until that is interrogated in a trial (highly unlikely) we should wait to hear both sides. Until then, the odious Bernard Henri Levi has yet again revealed his allegiance by sympathetically siding not with the alleged victim but with the accused. A very powerful man with an appalling track record. 

Bernard Henri Levi pictured below, ever the narcissus baring his chest is, writing his poison for the Beastly Daily media machine.