Tuesday 17 May 2011

Suppressed Technology

It's funny as I've just responded in writing to yet another lap dog journalist pretending to be a guard dog media while all the time bizarrely agreeing with everything the establishment and his peers say. That's not journalism, that's called Xerox machines. The cartoon above is amusing but it tell a nice truth. The sheep lambasting Trevor should also be saying something like "I've got shares in the trucking company" so don't rock the boat.

That's why advertising people don't question the growth model. Their livelihoods are at stake and so they remain silent on an array of issues that reflects poorly on the business. It pretends to itself that oil is needed to put out the fire.

I appreciate that Google at least Championed Nikola Tesla on their homepage. Gestures like that would have pissed off some large corporations such as General Electric, and that was a tacit way of supporting a man who had so much of his 'mystically inspired' inventions suppressed by big business. His work would have taken down oil and transport sectors among others. 

Red Ice Creations do intelligent and thoughtful interviews on difficult subjects. The one above is merely the latest in a stream of suppressed technology stories that come my way. I hope you find time to listen to how the system works against you and not for you, though the good news is that glimmers of light are opening up everywhere. I see free energy on the horizon and that's coming from very disparate sources. Lets see. We live in remarkable times.