Monday 16 May 2011

Ashes To Ashes - Dr Judy Wood's 9/11 Crime Scene Work

It looks like I've been wrong. There's a new book out by a slightly peculiar but stubborn lady by the name of Judy Woods who reminded me something I should have learned from reading the Charles Fort 'Book of the Damned' I was blogging a few weeks ago. What I learned from that book is there is so much we don't know and that the human condition is to impose on unknown events a story which however ridiculous fits the existing paradigm of information or disinformation as is often the case. After the discovery of thermite particles I assumed the twin towers were bombed and that it was a controlled explosion.

I was ignoring my inner voice that was screaming something larger. The buildings rapidly dissolved into dust so quickly I should have known something different was taking place. What that process was I still don't know. I still believe explosives were used as the witness testimony is overwhelming. However this new book explains that new language is needed to explain what happened. It was dustified. There's also a lot of evidence to suggest something strange happened that day as 1400 cars were melted (particularly the engine blocks) but not burned around the twin towers for no reason. Furthermore the jumpers from the building were tearing their clothes off themselves as if the material itself was burning them and this is not commensurate with people who jump out of buildings.

Lastly there's a strange story of a man who left the twin towers as they were collapsing and crawled under a vehichle only to find that when the dust settled there was no vehicle left above him. This is just weird and so I'm with Judy Woods on this. Her book 'Where did the towers go?' explains why her hypothesis challenges all existing ideas and if you Google around a bit you can hear her explain it in interviews.

Please note, if you're unable to absorb new information that challenges your existing reality this book is not for you. Though you might want to check your pulse and see if you actually are alive. Hats off to Dr Judy Woods for sticking it out despite losing her job over it.