Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Andromedans & Charles Fort's 'The Book of The Damned'

I was urged to read Charles Fort's Book of the Damned by Jordan Maxwell and gave up half way through a couple of days ago. Or rather I got its point and didn't need to continue. I enjoyed the shredding of 20th century materialist science but didn't need persuading on that point as it's a conclusion I've come to also. 

The rest of the book dealt with unexplained phenomena. Largely of stuff that has fallen from the sky. I had no idea so much weird stuff has landed out of nowhere throughout history. We're going through a bit of a dead fish and birds stage ourselves at the moment but the point is that if the science of what we don't know was respected as much as the sliver of stuff we 'seem to know' we'd be in much better shape than we currently are.

We're punching holes in the universe (for a very elite agenda) with the CERN LHC and yet half the planet gets by on a couple of bucks a day with millions starving. It's not exactly rocket science to figure out who is selling that science fetishism agenda but you and I are unlikely to be the beneficiaries of CERN. Indeed there are those who say it's attempting to import the darkness not discover it.

However I see that today's Wired has published a Rose configuration galaxy from the Andromeda constellation. By and large, on the information I've researched so far, I've heard good things about those Andromedans. Must be huge if that's just two of their galaxies. 

So much we don't know. So little scientific humility. For now.