Monday, 16 May 2011

Chris Hitchens Believes the 911 Commission Report

Chris Hitchens is on the ropes. Intellectually he's still clinging onto the totally discredited 911 commission report which was subject to Pentagon manipulation and deception and all the usual controls such as ignoring building 7 that have been rolled out as commission standard operational procedure since that coup d'etat JFK killing. 

Apparently the only person who believes his government these days is Hitchins who prefers to attack Professor Chomsky with a first paragraph that ignores Noam's Jewish roots and smears him through association with other people (David Shayler) who are unconnected. Is it a last loyal attempt to collect his CIA disinformation pay cheque? That's the only reason I can find to explain his silly foolishness. History will prove him wrong and he only needs to hang in for a few more months to see that. Time though is not on his side and that goes in his favour when talking such nonsense though to be absolutely fair to the entire article some of his later comments on Chomksy are not inaccurate though they are despicably mean and say lots about a man who is at a loss for words when they aren't insulting. I've noticed his modus operandi is to attack people through ad hominen slurs rather than civil discourse. Shame on him.

Christopher Hitchins threw his towel in with the Neocon nazis and refuses to take responsibility for the million or so deaths as a result of that. Call it half a million if you wish it's still unconscionable but Hitchins is blind to his own responsibility and until he mans up, his words are cheap. The US is a diminished country as a result of the people that Hitchin's carries the flag for.

I've also just been reminded that Hitchens himself wrote shortly after 9/11 that it paled in comparison to "Crimes of the Empire." Just before his miraculous conversion to the Church of State.  Lets assume the boys from the three letter agencies paid him a visit and he's singing their tune.