Wednesday, 18 May 2011

1994 Part II

I only noticed after the first 1994 post that this audio reading by Barbera Marciniak of her book Earth was also published in November 1994. To add another layer to the synchronicity the only reason I listened to it was because David Icke (again) name checks her in my dark side of the moon post, so I found her on Youtube and learned that much of it is too well informed to ignore.

A handful of people with fascinating interpretations of what is going on warn that channelling is transdimensional manipulation though it's my experience, no single genre of information is free of errors or agenda and so make your own mind up by cherry picking the stuff that never fails to put the decision making down to you. Television is the most toxic when thinking about media that just loves to have you rooting for a side you never previously cared about. Libyan rebels was the last one and the media controllers have the next one already lined up, ready and waiting for hypnotised gullibility to react again.

Let me be clear. There is no side but your own. 

That's pretty much what Barbera's work above is saying.