Wednesday 18 May 2011

Solar System Hard Drive

Even if it's just a coincidence it's worth knowing that Saturn's moon Mimas bears a strange resemblance to George Lucas's Death Star in Star Wars.

Saturn's moons are an entire encyclopaedia in their own right even if exploring questions such as why there are so many, why their orbits are all over the show in respect to the razor thin rings of a perfect plane around Saturn. It's the perfect metaphor for order and chaos or order ab chao for the latin speaking cabal watchers.

Then of course we shouldn't forget Iapetus with it's startling welded ridge running around it's equator.

I've blogged a bunch of stuff about Saturnalia worship here over the last couple of months but the undisputed champ of picking out how that drama plays out in the media and communications matrix has to be this gentleman below. Even if a person throws in a factor of 30% as odd coincidence there comes a point where the question emerges, is it possible  for content with a message agenda (news, commercials etc) to be completely innocent of Saturnalia worship? It's ubiquitous. 

Think of Saturn like it's a big hard drive. That's one of the best quotes I've heard yet.