Wednesday 18 May 2011

BBC Discuss David Icke & HAARP

This is good timing. The establishment shill Michio Kaku is today trying to pretend that weather manipulation isn't taking place, even though the Russians have openly threatened retaliation. Kaku pointedly avoids even mentioning HAARP in his latest puff piece though he does drop hints of superior weapons if you pay attention. 

However, in comes a nice video talking about David Icke's thinking on the electromagnetic universe (holographic universe) and HAARP. Even though there are much more vocal anti HAARP activists then David it's good that it gets the BBC stamp of inspection so that people might start to do their own homework on weather manipulation technology.

Kaku gets wheeled in for these subjects to give you the impression that science is or isn't panicking on any particular subject. Actually he uses lemmings as an example in this video clip and lemmings are an urban myth on mass suicide. Any decent scientist would know that but I can assure you that when panic is needed. They will wheel this weasel out to get you moving. He's the establishment scientific shill and not to be trusted.

Is the planet and the weather being manipulated? You betcha.