Tuesday, 19 April 2011

McKenna - The Definitive UFO Tape

I've listened to many hours of McKenna on UFO's before and so I ignored this recently surfaced podcast to as it is the earliest recording of his talking career in a living room in the early 80's. I thought it couldn't be more sophisticated than his later Jungian analysis of the phenomenon. How wrong I was. 

This recording is self evidently more faithful to his real feelings on the subject than on later talks as he was quite scathing at UFO conferences of the intellectual dissonance between people who seemed to have no self awareness that the Zeta Reticulians, Orions and Pleiadians apparently weren't talking to each other. 

It's a very fair point and I think he goes more into the heart of the transdimensional matter in this extraordinarily sensitive talk. I've done a many hundred of hours research on the topic now and was gob smacked at how prescient this Terence McKenna oration. This really is definitive.

It's psychedelic, philosophical, poetic yet funny and humble. Brilliant. What a guy.