Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Is General Electric Pinning The U.S. Down?

The United State's population lives in a saturated and controlled corporate media environment that has an agenda uninterested in the well being of their people. General Electric were recently outed as paying no taxes in 2010 despite earning $ 5.1 Billion profit.

But the rot goes deeper than just fleecing the American people. The world learned that the nuclear reactors in Japan placed in an area closest to the earthquake fault line are inappropriate. If we take into account that some people are saying the earthquake was caused by HAARP technology inflicted after a Bank of Japan refusal to help the Federal Reserve out is it any wonder that Angela Merkel of Germany immediately suspended those reactors in Deutschland?

The rot goes deeper. 

G.E. are also in charge of large chunks of the U.S. mainstream media matrix including NBC, CNBC and Universal Pictures and thus control the perception and belief frameworks of the population watching that news content and viewing the movies that position good and evil in terms that are sympathetic to G.E business interests. Again, I put it to you its time to throw the Television out and see how the eyes are unveiled. I actually feel nauseous watching the news pitching another war in Libya the last time I was in a friends hotel room. I couldn't believe how powerful it seemed in normalising and justifying yet another profitable war.

Scraping away one more layer of metastatic yet corrosive capitalism and we're left once again with the widely respected Dr. Stephen Greer who I blogged about earlier, stating that G.E. have suppressed technology that could liberate humans off billable energy including steam turbines powered by nuclear and propping up the electricity grid. 

It's worth noting that that there is no incentive for capitalism to create technologies that can't be billed. Zero point energy is exactly that and let's not forget that over a hundred years ago Nikola Tesla was discovering exactly that technology. I put it to you once again that 20th century  business model is a bullet in the brain and has no intention or interest in real change. Do yourself a favour and listen to the remaining two parts of the interview with Stephen Greer who is trying through the The Orion Project to change the United States despite threats and convenient deaths of crucial scientists to the cause. 

I believe the future is here. It's so unevenly distributed the people with their noses stroking iPads are ignorantly licking old technology that is dripped out from time to time to keep the illusion going.