Monday, 18 April 2011

The Orion Project

Stephen Greer of the Orion Project is one of the most erudite spokespersons in the UFO field. I have a very strong suspicion that he knows a whole lot more than he is letting on and has earned the respect of some very powerful insiders. Aside from biting his lip sometimes it's his focus on the free energy and clean tech solutions that makes me think he understands that disclosure is the sizzle of conciousness awareness but the sausage is zero point energy and all the other tech that has been held back from us by the venal elites and their lackeys. 

The disruption on old surpluses, new scarcities and the need to brand is almost incalculable and unquestionably irreversible. Let's see how this post looks in a few years but I urge you to check out this interview and play with some of impending ideas that Stephen talks about.