Friday, 18 March 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I've been blogging a bit about John Titor since I discovered his story last week, because it punched a hole through my space time continuum and buggered up the rough narrative I've been piecemeal assembling in answer to the question 'who am I?'.

Then I did a bit more research. I thought I'd throw it out there to avoid surprises if the story ever fleshed out a bit and has. Titor claimed that the time travel mission he was doing emerged from 2036 where super collider physics using counter rotating black holes, had initiated the development of early time machines. It's all very complicated without blagging a bit of M Theory, but for the geeks out there, the Grandfather Paradox isn't a problem and can be accommodated. In fact all paradoxes can be accommodated in a multi dimensional universe which is a bit of a scary thought until the unlimited possibilities are considered. The good ones that is.

Right on schedule the lab monkeys at CERN, who are tinkering with this stuff have published an early paper on time travel using similar maths theory behind twin counter rotating black hole gizmos for time-travel field-creation are surfacing, and so now we're creeping up to the edge of the rabbit hole. An interesting comment that John Titor mentions from 2036 is that a lot of people couldn't deal with the idea then either, and preferred to live as if it didn't quite exist. Which ironically suggests that only people who believe in it will ever notice or be effected by it. Which is not that far from that God thing right? 

So here's the link if you wish to go read about it from the 'Source'. I for one wont be telling the scientists where the time machine schematics that Titor posted are because the U.S. civil war thing he averted didn't happen (but is that a good thing?) and I don't think we should dick around with Time when we're too stupid a monkey to magic away the nuclear power we're dependant on. Which we can do if the rumours are true. Time will tell.

John if on some slim chance you're still around, I have a bunch of philosophical questions for you and I'm not really interested in predictions. Worth a try.