Friday, 18 March 2011

Chomsky On Libya

The West never gets involved in these affairs unless there's money in it. We watched a million plus slaughter in the Congo that still goes on today but because Libya is an oil economy  the media is prurient enough to try and batter our opinions into considering that humanitarian aid and no fly zones and all the other two faced shit we spout about values an democracy and justice are important.

But really it's the SUV and pampered Western lifestyles we are trying to prop up so that we can be friends with the next tyrant we install and cut a nice deal for arms and oil, like did and like we will always try to do. 

Well I'm sick of it and though I reserve the right to change a contextual mind as events change, it's a bad idea of the West to go in when there are neighbours who can do a better long term job in Libya.

We only have a handful of acivist scholars with integrity who can articulate the nuance to intellectual media dwarfs like Paxman who fails pathetically to rise to the occasion and provide a level of clarity that Chomsky has. Paxman doesn't get it. Which is why his questions are low grade media fodder keeping him in front of the cameras that pay his salary predicated on disaster. 

Unlike the Professor who is forced to articulate two or three times why Libya is different. Part two is here

Via Mr Wonkish