Thursday 6 September 2007

Ooohs and Aaahs

Last night a few more bloggy folk got together at The Endurance pub in Soho. I hadn't met Spy vs Spy before because Angus Whines or Winges (she never stops actually) has acute Cold War Survivor syndrome, but I like the way she calls me Frith as if she's barking orders at me on her blog. I also got to meet Tom who does genre defying posts over at his, my political homey Sam was there, as was 'word of mouth' Will who finally got the beers in (thanks mate), and the delightfully snippy but witty John Dodds.

Our guest of honour was Steve Portigal of Portigal Consulting from San Francisco. Steve was one of the earliest bloggers I came across. I'd better not go into how convoluted it was to actually realise who was who when I first asked Steve if he was Tom, but if Kirsty or John hadn't been there I would have just kept quiet about it and added a new chapter to The Metamorphosis

Anyway it was a fun evening. Steve is a cool guy and its always fun to let London do its work on visitors but while playing about with Sams camera phone i.e me doing my 'I'm thinking about thinking' pose, Steve whipped out his iPhone he'd been hiding all night and Sam and I both lost control, climaxing instantly while cooing over it with reverential Ooohs and Aaaahs.

Now I'm an apple fan, but not a worshiper. However it looks better in real life than I had expected and we put it to the test in that darkened pub with no flash and I think I'm pretty much sold on it unless someone slips me an N95 when I get back from the tropics. Hint hint.

Here's the pic. Aaaaah.....

Update: More photos from Sam's Sony mobile phone camera:

Poor Will. He puts up with some stick from us.

Good effects with that Sony Sam

Yeah Nice one Angus

I'll have a think about it then then. What a tosser eh!
Yep. Definite tosser.


  1. "Sam and I both lost control, climaxing instantly while cooing over it with reverential Ooohs and Aaaahs."

    It wasn't pretty, let me tell you readers. Heh.

    I think I need to work on my thinking about thinking face. Perhaps growing a 'tache would work?

  2. Very village people Will. Have you thought about *coming out* yet?

  3. You were very funny last night JD. But you do camp snippy better than anyone I know. Particularly with huffy face and hands on hips ;)

  4. It was all love Humphrey. there's a pic on facebook in which you look like you're engaging in some auto-eroticism. Tut..tut. At the dinner table!

  5. Will mate. A tugs a tug. But not at the table please.

  6. Charles,
    How have you been? Hope you are doing well. I am super busy and overwhelmed by many assignments.

  7. Honour but no linklove for Steve Portigal

    Fantastic evening, great to meet you all.

  8. Very funny John if I understood that right.

    Hi Oakie. I'm in Krung­thep­maha­nakorn­amorn­ratana­kosin­mahintar­ayutthay­amaha­dilok­phop­noppa­ratrajathani­burirom­udom­rajaniwes­mahasat­harn­amorn­phimarn­avatarn­sathit­sakkattiya­visanukampras.

    I'm really proud of you and what you are doing over in the States. We all are. I'll mail you.

    Steve I'll check that link right away mate.

  9. It was there all along Steve. On your name. But I've added another one for good measure on your company, and I'll amend the first one to point to your blog instead.


  10. The good old days. Interesting comment Angus.