Friday 20 August 2021

Afghanistan - Essential Viewing

Franklin D. Roosevelt didn't say "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way", but you can bet who ever said it knew what they were talking about. 

Shakespeare said a similar thing "All the worlds' a stage" and whoever was the cutout for Shakespeare, (Sir Francis Bacon a possible candidate), also knew the kabuki theatre like quality of world events.

As soon as I saw the numbers 11 and 09 on the departing US Airforce plane in Kabul, my spidey-sense was triggered and a quick scroll through twitter corroborated all the numerology and question marks that are symptomatic of a staged event or a psychological operation.

What's the objective? Public sympathy for Afghan partners to relocate to the UK as per Kalergi plan. Don't get me wrong, I sympathise deeply with Afghans who have risked their lives to help us, but it won't be just those guys coming over in droves (indeed many are already here as I've chatted to a few working as Taxi drivers).

Putting aside the woo woo talk of the Afghan psyop, I came across this amazing interview of Lara Logan who drops truth bomb after bomb on why it's an effing mess in Afghanistan. 

It's meant to be that way, and it doesn't matter which video clip you prefer, the people pretending to run countries aren't really the ones in charge. There's a much more sinister network in control, though as I've stated recently, I think their days will one day be over, if indeed, they aren't already.