Monday 3 September 2012

Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut & The Rothschilds

A couple of weeks ago I was going over Jay Weidner's deconstruction of Stanley Kubrick's main body of work. While Jay was working as a young man in Hollywood, a pretty girl who came from somewhere out in the sticks shared with him her story. 

She said over coffee that she attended a Hollywood party only to learn that there was a more exclusive party going on in the basement of the building.

She crept into the exclusive party and was surprised to see the setting was sexual and occult-like. 

Before being recognised as an outsider (much as Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut)  she was witness to something that sent her back to her hometown forever leaving Hollywood and hopes of fame behind. She saw they were conducting a human sacrifice.

Later on after learning this, I came across another black magic ritualistic (child) sex news item in my RSS feed, and I got to recalling that somewhere I'd heard that ritualistic killing is the most powerful ceremonial process in terms of energetic bonding and spell binding communion of spirit-release that groups like this are deeply aware of and understand how to manipulate.

We just work in cubicles. Why would we know this information?

So I went back to watch Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and even though it was edited after his suspicious premature death so that significant scenes were taken out, it certainly crystallized within me as a piece of art commenting on society, power and ritualistic occultism

Something I'm less inclined to ignore as I've poked around on this subject.

Coincidentally, Vigilant Citizen have written a post on the Rothschilds at a masked party. The Rothschild banking bloodline always seem to star at the top of the list for arch manipulators through war and suffering, and so I thought I'd get these Jay Weidner posts written as really it's his 2001 Space Odyssey that I'd like to dig around in a bit as it's loaded with sub narrative indications.

Jay said that Kubrick's wife called him once and confirmed that his alchemical decoding of Kubrick's films was a commensurate with her husbands interests in the subject. It's well worth checking out some of the links in this post.

Kubrick shot the ritual killing ceremony in the Rothschild owned Mentmore Towers.

Update: Vigilant Citizen has a post on the topic.