Thursday 25 March 2021

Guardians of the World: The Shining Ones - The Royal Priesthood

I know my limitations.

I might not be able to remember a few hundred wikipedia articles, but I know a man who can talk about the Shining Ones

Such blasphemous impertinence at the beginning of a blog post. I must press on.

Matthew and I knew each other at Richard Taunton college. 

As did the late Oliver Horton who passed not so long ago. 

Rest in peace Ollie

After college, when we returned back to Southampton coupled with the blazing asian years, Matthew could speak fluent Bahasa and my Thai was quite tasty. The adventure continued...

Anyway, as chance would have it, we (once again), both returned to our home town (polis) of Southampton, in 2017 and I learned that Matt, had moved on from the Rosicrucians focus, to an extraordinarily captive mind of bloodline history. Maybe one of the top 20 in his field?

I've never met anyone who has read so much on hard to disprove texts.

Though we both understand veracity claims. 

We're not that thick.

It took me years to prove that Mat wasn't bluffing. He'd read enough, and more importantly, repeated in front of me so many times, word-for-word. 

Thus proving the narrative is BS, and Matt was de facto in the right.

It is for this reason, I can bombard him with questions about the sons of Cain (Isaac prayed for her and she conceived. Rebekah gave birth to twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Isaac was 60 years old when his two sons were born. Isaac favoured Esau, and Rebekah favored Jacob. the Shemsu Hore)

After what I claim are years of studentship, requiring listening more than talking, I'm familiar enough with Matthew's work to know it isn't fabricated.

I urge you to invest an hour or so in the material posted above.

It's a presentation that has something to piss off everyone he claims.