Wednesday 23 August 2017

Steve Pieczenik Schools Alex Jones

Alex Jones is discredited within the truth seeking community for dispensing with 9/11 truth to shill for Donald Trump. He has been told of Israel's considerable role in 9/11 by Steve Pieczenik, and now prefers to focus on anything but what really happened to bring us to this point in time. Pieczenik is not my favourite CFR member so I have no attachment to him in particular but from time to time he does say the uncomfortable truth and here we see him remind Alex that Trump cranking up the war machine in Afghanistan is another example of political and military cowardice in action.

Until people are prepared to join the dots up and call out 9/11 for the obnoxious lie it is then nothing gets fixed, and I am hearing the silence of the left and right on this for over a decade now because unless people are talking about it, they are moral cowards.