Thursday 17 August 2017

CW Chanter on David Wilcock

David Wilcock has the burden of being blessed with considerable intelligence and a seismic ego to go with it. He writes interesting new-age style books, researches in a syncretic manner that joins up very interesting dots, yet is completely unable to see what a bell-end he is. 

David is like Kerry Cassidy. They're the kind of people who have made a robust contribution to the alternative media scene, yet the aching yearning they both have to be recognised by the very same toxic Hollywood they have provided a counterbalance to is self evident any time a whiff of celebrity and stardom has come close to either of them.

Lately David, Kerry and that other wannabe celebrity Jimmy Church, have shredded their reputations by nailing their colours to the mast of some preposterous alien story that has been discredited by pretty much anyone of substance.

CW Chanter makes an amusing presentation on this subject. 

This is a train spotters blog post. It matters to a few hundred people around the world, maybe a few thousand most.