Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tall White Tales

I often find it useful to revisit old material. Recently we were discussing Charles Hall's Tall Whites material. Most of my testimony veracity checks are based on gut feeling with a bias towards calmly delivered words that avoid superlatives and tend towards modesty. Most fakers tend towards hyperbole, excessive and extraneous words and tend to be selling something even if it's a solution to loneliness and a need for attention.

I had the opportunity to apply some newly learned statement analysis techniques to Charles Hall's alien encounters in the Nevada desert.

It's clear he's a fantasist. 

Charles is a Fantasist and/or creative fiction writer. If he has a Masters in nuclear physics and was stationed out in the desert as a lowly corporal measuring wind speeds and rain, the most likely explanation is because he was a conscientious objector to war and he used his solitude to dream up a set of fiction books about aliens. His story doesn't add up if we use statement analysis as Richard has demonstrated in recent times. His narrative jumps and changes at critical points when we apprehend that the information he is providing is nonsensical. He contradicts himself over and again and always talks about the Tall Whites in the past tense as if they're already dead and no longer there. As he says "at first I thought I was sleepwalking and dreaming. I refused to accept they were real people, it took me six months to get used to it". I contest that it took him six months to dream up the fiction. His story is useful to military intelligence as a distraction from what is really going on in Nevada.