Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Lord Rothschild Refuses To Insure The Titanic

Because Southampton is the home of the Titanic, I stumbled across a library clue that is one of those juicy tidbits of correlation. It s the idea the owners of the Titanic, were attempting to take out the Titanic and the swap of its sister ship the Olympic for insurance reasons was not part of the original script. It get's wilder but this is corroborated fairly extensively in the ticket bookings and last-minute cancellations as it were.

Thus laying the ground for the creation of the Federal Reserve by drowning one side of the ruling elite.

They're Luciferians and it's absolutely enshrined in universal law they can dupe each other to death. Which they do. Never make the rooky mistake of calling power stupid. Blind in one eye, sure.... but that only makes the remaining ocular power grow stronger.

The Titanic was involved with two collision/near collision incidents in the weeks before its maiden voyage. Her sister ship Olympic {Olympic Class] was also involved in a collision.

I went to the Rothschild Archives and discovered they declined to insure the ship, much like Larry Silverstein, owner of the twin towers on 9/11 who did selbst machen and banked on the asbestos lined health hazard coming down in the weeks after he took out the policy. Twice. 

Have you ever watched Double Indemnity?

You'd be amazed how often these ruling bloodlines luck-out when it comes to making more money or avoiding dangerous events with ensured and insured prescience that is inarguably suspicious.