Thursday, 15 June 2017

Jeff Rense & Dr. Eric Karlstrom, PhD - GangStalking

I don't quite trust Dr Eric T. Karlstrom's rapid-fire delivery of information. 

It lacks the sensitivity I'm used to hearing when listening to expertise in this deeply tragic area of the human experience. However he does share an awful lot of references, including books that I haven't heard encountered before, so I have my homework cut out for me before I can claim to understand his work in a credible manner. I'm also suspicious of his claims of being a Targeted Individual (T.I.) in the past and not any more. It just doesn't work like that. Once you're in the program you're in, and there's no opt-out procedure because the deep state can't admit its involved.

One of the insidious gang stalking techniques is the deep state will co-opt neighbours by telling them the targeted individual is a child abuser, wife beater or whatever it takes to get them to join in the gang stalking thinking they're doing a service to humanity.

One thing I am clearer on now is I understand the fundamental difference between voice to skull technology and synthetic telepathy which means I find the Omnisense information I was listening to a few years ago much more credible though like any TI the perpetrators disguise their identity with masks.