Thursday, 27 October 2016

Water Fasting Done Right - Dr Daniel Pompa & Dr. Derrick Dempsey

I'm on Day Five of fasting. I've had a nibble of an apple or pear here and there but no meals. The only downside so far is I seem to need 3 hours of sleep at the moment, and I'm too chicken to go to bed at 3am to see if that's the case.

Not everybody has the same physiology, health and metabolism so I'm just going by how I feel. I intend to take up intermittent fasting when I break fast but I have a feeling I can go a week or two at the moment, possibly more.

There's so much great information out there on the subject, and I found in the early days that watching a video or just listening to them while I worked gave me a boost to stay the course.