Saturday, 3 September 2016


This movie eluded me for so long. I downloaded the wrong languages, my media player wouldn't sync with the dialogue, the subtitles I downloaded didn't work with the version of the movie but I finally cracked it a few nights ago.

I opened the latest the file I had downloaded and pressed play and it was in Spanish. Oh well it's not meant to be I thought again, but then I noticed the subtitles option had three options including French and English.

Mommy is a great movie with powerful character portrayals. It also taps into a subject that is increasingly an issue in the Western world where the state can kidnap your children. As vaccines become mandatory, and other privacy and human sovereignty intrusions take place, you can expect more people dealing with legitimate support issues on their own rather than go anywhere near the educational indoctrination and purposeful medical intoxication of the state with prescribed drugs for conditions that are sky rocketing without anyone asking why.