Thursday 24 December 2015

Space Dude, In Your Space Suit, In Your Space Boots, Space Dude

Is Miley Cyrus the new David Bowie

Probably not, but Space Boots is an indication that someone's creativity resonates with authenticity and art on this track, and that took me by surprise.

I realise contemporary celebrity music requires a phalanx of songwriters, posses of producers, session musicians, mixers, voice artists, plug junkies, electrical engineers, processed audio cheese slices, studio rats, money worshippers, Sleb sycophants, groupie thinkers, OCD fame mania, explicit soul selling and relentless veneration of drugs and sexual promiscuity aimed at our impressionable young, who are least able to discern dystopian social engineering from pop culture.

However I claim Space Boots is not only punctuated with moments of brilliance but to my simple ear has the quirkiness and counter-intuitive solutions that emerge when a real artist takes control and externalizes their interpretation through song. I hope that artist is Miley Cyrus as not much else is wholesome in the globe trotting music biz.