Sunday 22 June 2014

Many Thanks for all the Retweets

I've never run my Twitter account to be popular

In fact, I think about 50 people a day unfollow me. Fortunately more people are prepared to stick around than leave so I want to thank you all for the very important (for me and I hope for you) retweets. Usually the reach is around two million Twitter users a week but lately it's been getting up to 3 million and approaching 4. My tweets are not candy floss subjects so I appreciate you all for getting the word out on subjects the mainstream media can never touch, because of who owns them, and who advertises in them.

The exception to this rule is Russia Today who featured one of my Tweets on the fiasco that is NATO backing the same psychopaths they call freedom fighters in Syria and are now obliged to call terrorists in Iraq (even though they trained many in Jordan recently). It's a classic example of the Orwellian double speak world we live in that only the internet can call out this media nonsense that people are being spoon fed.

Many corporate media consumers have no idea what is going on, or are silent over it for reasons I assume are to do with keeping their heads down below the parapet, or putting money before conscience.

We are the media now. So be it.

Update: My tweet featured in Al Jazeera

Update 27 July 2014 - We smashed the 4 million barrier - Thank you
Update: We tore through the 15 million mention reach metric, so either something is very wrong or very right ;)