Saturday, 9 November 2013

It's Time For A Spiritual Revolution - Russell Brand

Some people that I usually like are really polarized by Russell Brand. There's a tiny chance he's in with the Hollywood MKULTRA circus/carnival, but I don't think so and  usually handlers stay close to their subjects. They don't divorce them and go on world tour. 

Is it Russell's fault he's made a few quid and is famous? John Lennon was too, and they shot him.

I'm enjoying Russell's call to spiritual revolution and even if he's not as real as I think he is. 

It's OK. 

We're not dependant on any single figure changing the world. 

We've changed ourselves on the inside first and so should you if you feel the need to swear and curse at one of the few celebrities to say fuck materialism and its superficial buddies celebrity and fame. 

It's what you can't touch that counts.