Monday 4 November 2013

Credible Military Testimony on Alien & UFOs

The problem with the ET/UFO question is that it is too complex to describe and delineate all the different types of experiences within say 20 or 50 000 words. We're all guilty of wanting a sound bite but the ET/UFO question extends from the paranormal to a thin sliver of reasonably authentic sightings of touchable materials in the form of off planet beings or so called craft. 

Most of it is Trickster archetype phenomena but it gets really complicated when we look closer at military involvement with breakaway civilisations and non human collaboration. Much of it is Psyops, and some of it seems to be authentic. Throw in some mind control and disinformation and it's too complicated to lay out all the different variables interacting with each other including their various forms of interaction with the planet and the people who live on it.

This interview is worth posting because it has all the hallmarks of authenticity and yet it still seems just as fantastic. Make of it what you will but the secrecy around the topic within the military and intelligence 'community' is often a symptom of international paranoia as much as a desire to keep secrets. 

Half the time they're bluffing each other because they're all unsettled by who has got what technological advantage or is allied with whom. The problem with those who can't let go of the subject is they get UFO disease. This is the propensity to inflate what they think with authority when it's just too complicated to call it either A or B. 

I keep an eye on the topic but I don't know anyone who hasn't become a bore by being obsessed with it. So much more out there to pin down than living on super woo synchronicity highs like a chance crack addict. Never quite realising the ability to contribute something interesting has past its sell by date.