Saturday 12 October 2013

Webster Tarpley on Oligarchy - [Emphasis On Roman History]

I usually give Tarpley a bit of stick on Twitter for his reactionary view of Julian Assange as avant-garde man about town/playboy-spy when in reality he's been locked up for the last few years. 

However if you can put aside this oddball failure (we all have a few no doubt) he really is a scholar and passionate about providing solutions for the working classes in his weekly radio addresses. I always learn a lot from Webster G Tarpley. Here's his Wikipedia entry. 

He's far superior to some of the lightweights academics spat out by think tanks and universities but his greatest weakness is he's an unashamed Zionist and never fails to plug anti Semitism when it's the Palestinians that are the Semites which makes Tarpley an anti Semite for as long as he says nothing about Palestinian suffering.

Tarpley's second weakness is he fails to see that the Venetian model is the Israeli Zionist model of underhanded influence around the planet. For a Princeton scholar this is unforgivable.

Tarpley however has been on the money about the Oligarchy, which includes the Zionists and is dominated by them. See the media, Hollywood, Oded Yinon plan and Neocons for evidence.