Monday, 7 October 2013

The Pervert's Guide To Ideology - Slavoj Žižek on "They Live"

We often say you can't wake up someone who is pretending to sleep, and those asleep don't appreciate being woken up. The sunglasses scene above summarises this beautifully.

It refers to the underlying ideologies that drive our the pseudo reality most inhabit; fake money, fake food, fake relationships, fake egos, fake incorporated bodies pretending to be humans (corporations), fake brands, fake advertising, fake media, fake wars, fake journalism and so on and so forth. Who want's to really see that?

Some of us have no choice.

Slavoj Žižek does a nice explanation of this in the clip above using a cult movie I've blogged about called They Live by John Carpenter. I've also commented on its similarities with the Banksy Movie

Freedom Hurts, and nobody knows this more than the seasoned corruption and conspiracy researchers. The only people in my experience apart from the powerful who understand a little of what is going on. An unusual match I think you'll agree.