Monday 7 October 2013

Please R/T | Here's Your Aid @WilliamJHague @AmbassadorRice @AmbassadorPower @AndersFoghR @AmbassadorRice

These are the animals our Western psychos are funding to smash up Syria. Ultimately they are doing it on behalf of Israel whose stated policy is the breakup of the middle East. They're using these 12th century beheaders fighting it out through the Sunni Shia divide which to me seems mainly Sunni psychos who are Saudi Arabia sponsored jihadists. 

I don't see Hezbollah or Iranians doing this do you?


These psychopath Sunni-Muslim jihdadists will never be seen doing this in Israel because their hatred of Shia Muslims is greater than their hatred of any other religion.

Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, London, Paris and Washington DC are all exploiting this hate backing them to do it with large amounts of money to secure a gas pipeline through Syria that is NATO controlled and not Iranian/Syrian controlled.

These monstrous beheaders are puppets even though they are holding the head in this picture. I'm sick of this game and I see right through it all the way from Tel Aviv and the AIPAC controlled congress through to the Zionist controlled Paris & London media. 

Not to mention Qatar and Saudi. 

It's obscene.